What Agents & Home Sellers are Saying

N. T. Home Seller
"As the executrix of my mom’s estate, I had the daunting task of selling my mom’s cherished home of 42 years. Annette's experience proved vital as she gave me contacts to haul away scrap metal Dad had accumulated, a conscientious painter to freshen up the interior, reliable contractors to bring items up to code and fix others in disrepair. Then came the next crucial step: staging the home to portray its unique market value. …. , I felt secure her instincts would lead to not only a comparable selling price, but a home that would be a haven for another generation to enjoy. This was brought to fruition with a $21,000 above-list price offer the first evening of our open house by a lovely young family. Annette did all this within a 3-month window, as I wanted to accomplish this before I returned to my out-of-state residence. This was a very successful ending to a sad chapter of my life because of two wonderful, compassionate, experienced and dedicated realtors.”

Cooperating Buyer-Agent, Outside Agency
"The staging of Annette's listing helped to overcome my buyers’ objections......
We were struck by the lovely decor...gave us a reason to linger despite the apparent objections, the busy road and the size of the home. We sat in the living room, opened the windows to get the feel of living on this main road. lf the home were vacant, or emotionally unappealing for these young buyers, I would not have had the opportunity to explore if this could be the right home. The sizable living room was staged with a couch, big- screen TV and small dining area which overcame the lack of extra rooms that they had been concerned with. Another obstacle was the lack of formal dining room, den or media room. My first-time buyers were a young family and it was an important step to start placing their furniture. Annette and Larry did a great job staging the property to show its fullest potential. We were able to negotiate an offer and close in 30 days, a term important to my buyer and their seller."

D. O., Sales Representative, Leading Edge, Livingston Office
"I am a 25-year educator and school administrator. Four years ago, I pursued a career as a real estate agent to begin preparing for a second career. After meeting Annette, I knew that her expertise, personality, and mentorship would work well for me. As a school administrator, there are certain qualities that I must possess to be effective to help my teachers, students and other administrators. Annette possesses all of these qualities ... Within two months of becoming a licensed agent, I received my first commission checks in excess of $30,000, a direct result of Annette’s assistance. She attended my first listing appointment with me, role-played, and was available 24/7 . . . Now I have two full-time careers as a direct result of Annette DeCicco’s coaching, guidance, and management.
....Annette focuses on assisting her agents to obtain the skills needed to survive in the 21st century while not forgetting the nuts and bolts that must be incorporated. She serves as a role model and coach for her agents by her active engagement in social media, blogging, and keeping current with other technological advances.... These efforts make the Livingston Office of Prudential New Jersey Properties a successful presence in the real estate market."

Roger Bediner, Broker Associate, Companywide Pinnacle Group, Livingston Office
"By implementing systems that Annette DeCicco taught me, and holding myself accountable, I was able, through the consistency of her weekly coaching program in early 2009, to get to the next level in my business by year end. By being accountable to myself and to her, I strived to make the extra call, or do the extra activity in order to fill up my worksheet for her weekly call. As a result, I more than doubled my business and have Annette to thank for working with me each week to help me stay the course to get to the goal I had set. I would recommend Annette's coaching program and systems to anyone who is serious about their business growth, and willing to be accountable to both Annette as coach and to yourself."

Lynn Desmond, Sales Representative, Leading Edge, Livingston Office
"Annette works tirelessly for our office. She makes sure we have the most up-to-date market information and technical know-how to stay ahead of the game. Before each bi-monthly meeting, she stays up late and gets up early to bombard us with the latest and greatest in the form of stats, slides and news articles.
Because she was one of us for many years, Annette is able to empathize during our ups and downs. She always has the time to listen and always has helpful advice and/or the answers. You could not ask for a better person to work for. She is a caring business woman who treats people with respect and wants the best for her agents. She is a personal coach to us all and we appreciate it more than she knows. Our office is like a large family with everyone working together and helping each other."

Angela D'Aries, Sales Representative, Leading Edge, Livingston Office
“Annette DeCicco is a very well-versed coach who has coached me one-on-one on a weekly basis for three months. Annette is totally committed as your coach and asks the same of you...she is very results-oriented. Her program is very structured with daily and weekly activities. And, for the month of November, 2009, I was the Associate of the Month of the Livingston Office!”

Lauren Orsini, Sales Representative, Companywide Pinnacle Group, West Essex Office
"Annette really cares about the success of her agents ... when I needed that sounding board or confirmation, Annette would always be there ... she would lead by example ... five words to describe Annette to anyone about to embark into a business relationship with her ... responsive, thorough, available, supportive, informative ... Her meetings were always filled with pertinent information that added value to our wealth of knowledge ... I have Annette to thank for helping me develop my career in a positive, professional way ... I am so lucky to have trained and worked with Annette."